10 Most Anticipated Action Adventure Games of 2018

2018 has tons of new and epic video game titles, some of them are released and many are in the queue. There are also some new action adventure games coming this year. Let’s check out the 10 most anticipated action adventure games that will be available in 2018.

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10 New Action Adventure Games of 2018

10. Yakuza 6 The Song of Life (PS4 | Release Date: April 17, 2018)

Yakuza 6 The Song of Life in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

If you have ever played the Yakuza games but they are very different. Imagine combining Virtua Fighter with Grand Theft Auto and that’s in the ballpark of what Yakuza is but more importantly.

Yakuza is always a masterclass in how to do an open-world. They’re never huge but they’re always packed very lived in feeling alive these games.

Managed to come off as equal parts totally wild and a pretty serious interesting open-world game with tons of extra stuff to do.

There is no Yakuza game that doesn’t contain several other Sega games basically these games have always been a treat and managed to continue to evolve.

I’ve been looking forward to the English-language version of Yakuza 6 for quite a while and holds on 10th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and now it will be released on PlayStation 4 on April 17th.

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9. Vampyr (PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: 5 June 2018)

Vampyr in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

Vampyr a really cool looking action-adventure possibly a little bit of RPG thrown in there with some slight art ID. Somewhat fast-paced looking gameplay that has me quite enticed.

I tend to find that the more annoying it is to describe a game the more likely I am to want to play it. That seems to be the case with this game I really don’t think it qualifies as a hack and slash from the look of it.

But it does give us some of those elements as well as a narrative that is seemingly tightly woven in with the gameplay mechanics. Because the game stars a doctor who has become a vampire in the middle of the early 1900s Spanish flu pandemic.

It’s your choices on how to handle this directly influence the gameplay and story of the game that sounds great. The imagery and tone of everything seem to very much support the idea that it’s going to be great.

I can’t wait to play it that simple Vampyr holds on 9th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and will be available on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft Windows June 5th.

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8. Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: March 27, 2018)

Far Cry 5 in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

Far Cry 5 which is looming in the very near future is again that intends to provoke a little bit by centering the sort of weird villain like aspects on a cult leader in the United States.

Mechanically speaking some of this stuff from Far Cry Primal is making into this game such as the fangs for the higher system. Where you can tame wild animals and is gonna come with a map editor. Where you can build and share maps with single-player, co-op and competitive objectives so far.

They’re saying in that level editor you’ll be able to use stuff from Far Cry 5 as well as assets from Far Cry 4, Primal, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed Unity. So that’s really interesting to me all in all to me it looks like one of the more interesting versions of Far Cry we’ve seen yet.

Whether or not that pans out to it is good we don’t know but they’re taking it and a lot of interesting directions. And giving us a lot of new options that will certainly have been done elsewhere haven’t in Far Cry.

The stuff like that level editor I think is something that makes me really want in. Far Cry 5 holds on 8th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and hitting PlayStation 4 Xbox one in Microsoft Windows on March 27th that is very soon so look out.

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7. Spider-Man (PS4 | Release Date: Q2 2018)

Spider-Man in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 coming straight from Insomniac Games developers of among other things such as Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank.

They’ve done plenty of other amazing stuff but that’s probably my favorites and basically, this is what seems to be the spider-man game we’ve been waiting for. For a very long time, there have been a couple of spider-man games over the years that have gotten it right enough.

But they’ve never really been on a system with the kind of power that the current generation has an overtime movement has evolved for instance. There is Parkour in a lot of games that work pretty well and it seems to me like there should have been a Spider-Man game at this point.

At least one that can update the kind of mechanics that we’ve seen in previous good Spider-Man titles. To make the perfect Spider-Man title, like the cool thing about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the web-slinging.

The weak part pretty much everything else now the game has been placed in the hands of a dev that absolutely handles games with superpowers. They’re just great at making an open-world at making good combat systems.

I think this is gonna be a great game Spider-Man and holds on 7th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 that is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 sometime in the second quarter of this year.

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6. A Way Out (PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: March 23, 2018)

A Way Out in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

A Way Out, from the director of Brothers a Tale of Two Sons. Joseph Farrah’s comes with A Way Out, an action-adventure game designed specifically for co-op multiplayer via split-screen. It takes us through the tale of some prisoners escaping prison and living out on the lam.

Now the co-op multiplayer elements of this should add a level of denies ISM that is often not present in straight narrative games. There’s going to be a lot of timing, stealth and stuff that just generally one person could mess up a lot harder than two people for instance at times.

The second player will have to do distractions that’s not something you have to do in a single-player again or if you do it utilizes a mechanic. That’s just not the same as saying, hey bud can you get that guy to look like over there.

There’s something about this game that sticks out for me I think as far as Narrative Games go this is gonna be very interesting. Brothers a Tale the Two Sons was very well regarded, it’s a good game as far as I’m concerned, I enjoyed it and I really can’t wait to see what gets cooked up here.

A Way Out holds on 6th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and is now available on Xbox one PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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5. Crackdown 3 (PC, Xbox One | Release Date: Q2/Q3 2018)

Crackdown 3 in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

You are my white whale at this point I don’t even care what Crackdown 3 is even about though. I expect it to be very interesting due to Terry Crews involvement what I really want is to just knock over a damn building with that cloud computing.

Then to knock over another damn building and then another and just go on and on until I’ve leveled a city. Because that’s frankly what I want to do in Crackdown 3 and in taking so damn long making the game, that’s the main thing I remember.

So, if it doesn’t live up to what they’ve been showing us I have a feeling, hell is going to be raised not on my part. If it’s a good game with a lot of destruction just not full destruction I’ll be fine but a lot of people are waiting for this game waiting to destroy a city.

Basically, holds on 5th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and it’s gonna come out sometime this year on Xbox One in Microsoft Windows hopefully.

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4. Shadow of The Colossus (PS4 | Release Date: February 6, 2018)

Shadow of The Colossus in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

Shadow of the Colossus a truly innovative game even today honestly comparing it to just about anything else is pretty useless. It is an incredible game that broke so many boundaries as to what a game even the remake is has been out a couple of months.

If you’re interested in specifics, you might want to watch jigs before you buy. I pretty much agree with every word he says in it but it is absolutely a worthy remaster of frankly one of the most important games in gaming.

Shadow of the Colossus holds the 4th place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and out on PlayStation 4 right now.

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3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PC, PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: September 14, 2018)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I really hope that this is a good game. I’m a little leery on that not that the ADO’s Montreal is bad or anything they recently worked on the two Deus Ex games that are actually very good at least as far as I’m concerned.

It’s just that they’re working on the game and not Crystal Dynamics, who handled the V first two of this series of Tomb Raider. So that has me a little nervous that said I love that they’re putting it in the Mayan pyramids.

The two new Tomb Raider games as far as I’m concerned are exactly what I want from Tomb Raider. I’m very happy with it I would like to see them shake up the story in some way but I don’t know that we’re gonna really see that they seem to have found a formula they like.

I’m not sure whether I want them to deviate from that formula too far or if I want them to stick to it too much, I’m kind of in the middle and I don’t know what II I toast Montreal is thinking. I think it’s probably a given that it is going to be better than the Tomb Raider movie though with some degree of luck.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider holds the 3rd place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and coming to Xbox one PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows September 14th.

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2. God of War (PS4 | Release Date: April 20, 2018)

God of War in Action Adventure Games of 2018 List

God of War a reboot and a sequel at the same time where Kratos now enters the realm of the Norse gods in Norse mythology. He has a kid and a beard, that’s a very simplistic explanation but here’s the thing it looks as though.

It’s gotten more complex, more mature, more layered its graphics are certainly significantly better and, in every way, it does look as though. It has grown which is interesting because there hasn’t been a God of War title in a very long time.

It’s a return to the franchise and in every way, I think I’m ready for all of the gameplay changes. I like the Philo cam as opposed to the fixed cam necessarily in every game but in God of War, it certainly looks like an improvement to me.

I like the changes in weapons, I like the team mechanic we got to see a little bit of. I think the game has the potential to bring a new layer of immersion to an already really amazing series.

Therefore, that God of War holds the 2nd place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and coming to PlayStation 4 on April 20th

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1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One | Release Date: October 26, 2018)

Red Dead Redemption 2 an Action Adventure Games List

Finally, the big one Red Dead Redemption, this is something we’ve been waiting for a very long time. I am so excited and interested in this game as we’ve had some information leaked regarding various online modes.

Specifically Battle Royale, which let’s be completely honest I am totally there for a primitive gun-oriented Battle Royale Mode. But what I’m really showing up for truth is the single-player campaign, I love the previous Red Dead campaigns particularly Redemption.

I just absolutely cannot wait to see what they do in Red Dead Redemption. They just nailed it so well with Redemption 1 and although there are some minor hiccups in that story. It generally flows in such a way that I just get entirely glued to it in a way that not even Grand Theft Auto does.

As Grand Theft Auto has actually done a pretty decent job with the narrative. Red Dead Redemption holds the 1st place in Action Adventure Games of 2018 list and coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th.

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