Best 10 3DS Games of 2018

Nintendo has a bunch of new 3DS Games to play to our beloved handheld system, 3DS. There are many 3DS Games are coming this year but here are the 10 best 3DS Games that worth to play. Let’s rank best games in 3DS Games List, some of them are brand new and rest are the latest episodes of existence series.

10 New 3DS Games of 2018

10. The Alliance Alive

Release Date: 03/27

The Alliance Alive in 3DS Games List

Alliance Alive, a Japanese developer by the name of cattle calls the improvement over their JRPG formula. which by the way is basically a mix of a 90s JRPG with a few experimental ideas set in a world split into two realms after a Great War.

A thousand years ago which doesn’t sound groundbreaking but it’s not usually the actual narrative arc itself that is groundbreaking in a JRPG. But rather the characterization and general feeling it generates Yoshitaka Murie Yama of Suikoden wrote the story.

So that’s voting pretty well for it if you asked me the battle system revolves around formations which should be pretty interesting to see.

I’ve read that the game is a little bit easier than it should be however that hasn’t really hindered my experience with JRPGs in the past as long. As the story is good and the battle system is engaging so it should be interesting to see how the United States receives this game.

The Alliance Alive holds the 10th place in new 3DS Games list, it’s out as of March 27th it definitely looks like it’s gonna be worth it so check it out.

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9. Shakedown Hawaii

Release Date:  TBA 2018

Shakedown Hawaii in 3DS Games List

Shakedown Hawaii, a game we’ve seen elsewhere basically a big business White Collar taking over the land crime simulator. The game describes itself as a quote-unquote legitimate corporation building itself via open-world missions, shakedowns, sabotage and property acquisition.

Which sounds very legitimate compared to the other things, however being it’s usually a result of the other things probably not so great. Actually, in fact, Shakedown Hawaii looks to be kind of an absurdist game about a real kind of actual problem in the world.

Making it a fun absurdist beat them up, blow them up in an open-world game might get more attention than screaming on a megaphone on a street corner for instance. Let’s just say this it looks fun as hell this is a game that I really want to play it looks like somewhere between GTA and a bullet hell if that makes any sense.

Shakedown Hawaii holds the 9th place in 3DS Games 2018 list but does not have a release date yet but is coming this year.

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8. Dillon’s Rolling Western The Dead Heat Breakers

Release Date:  TBA 2018

Dillon's Rolling Western The Dead Heat Breakers in 3DS Games List of 2018

No greatest Dylan’s dead heat breakers the latest in Dylan’s rolling western series, which is an action slash exploration slash tower defense game.

That hasn’t seen a new game in a while about four years since the last and the original games are actually pretty fun. They’re not perfect by any means, they’re sort of an exploration of a concept and the second one got kind of mixed reviews.

The thing is that the art style combined with the sort of combination of various game styles in one. It’s something that’s different and I feel like if they did get the formula perfect, it probably would be a big thing.

It’s nice to see that they do want to keep trying and hopefully, this is the one that gets it right because it is a really cool idea and it would be nice to see. It has a life on the switch later on it doesn’t have a release date yet but we’ll see it sometime in 2018 as for much it holds 8th place new 3DS Games List 2018.

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7. Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age

Release Date:  TBA 2018

Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age in 3DS Games of 2018 List

Dragon Quest XI: Echos of an Elusive Age, the latest in a very long running the pretty well-regarded JRPG series. Square Enix used to be square soft and Enix Dragon Quest was the answer to Final Fantasy and retains.

A very large amount of all of its various signature traits all the way down to the artwork by Akira Toriyama. Best known as the creator of Dragon Ball but the person who did the artwork for Chrono Trigger and all the previous Dragon Quest games.

Instead of the grittier realistic look, the Final Fantasy is gone for Dragon Quest is trending more and more towards. Dragon Ball and that’s certainly not a bad thing having the great traditional JRPG turn-based battles looking closer and closer to the artist’s actual concept for what they wanted to look like.

Dragon Quest XI Echos of an Elusive Age holds the 7th place in 3DS Games 2018 List.

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6. SteamWorld Dig 2

Release Date:  02/22

SteamWorld Dig 2 in 3DS Games List of 2018

SteamWorld Dig 2 which like the original is a platformer mining adventure intended to play like a Metroidvania. Now that’s a lot of stuff all in one thing but if you follow that description pretty much literally that’s what the game is.

It’s not like a difficult concept to understand, once you start playing it and it really works well on top of that. It’s got great graphics including on the Nintendo 3DS which actually got the game last in February but it’s out.

People love it, it is great because it provides a unique experience and builds on the original. SteamWorld Dig 2 holds the 6th place in new 3DS Games 2018 List.

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5. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux

Release Date:  5/15

Shin MegamiTensei Strange Journey Redux in 3DS Games of 2018

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, an unenhanced 3DS port of the DS game. It’s an RPG with a turn-based battle system but it is not typical.

I mean in some ways is typical but it brings a lot of different ideas to the whole thing. It utilizes both screens for instance on a DS or 3DS very well, as you take on demons wearing the special suit that you can upgrade over the progression of the game.

Which by the way also includes a pretty good story, it draws from so many different types of mythologies and provides. Probably one of the more varied experiences you’ll get in a JRPG holds 5th position in new 3DS Games List and it’s coming to the 3DS on the 15th of May.

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4. Sushi Striker The Way Of Sushido

Release Date:  06/08

Sushi Striker The Way Of Sushido in 3DS Games of 2018

Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido, which is a puzzle adventure game that uses the touchscreen to create chains of sushi. Which you will have to hold for up to 7 seconds or while they break it has a pretty absurd story.

Sushi has been banned after a conflict called the sushi struggles, you’re a member of the Sushi Liberation Front and are trying to defeat an empire. The way you’re doing that is by stacking plates making chains of Sushi and throwing food at people.

It’s one of those kinds of games where it seems fairly absurd but the game mechanics are kind of what make it they obviously made a goofy story about some game mechanics. I made up and well I can think of worse ways to come up with a video game honestly it looks pretty cool.

It’s coming on June 8th and hold the 4th place in 3DS Games List 2018 and I will probably check this one out.

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3. Kirby Battle Royale

Release Date:  1/19

Kirby Battle Royale in 3DS Games of 2018

Kirby Battle Royale, a game that’s been out for a couple of months and maybe hasn’t been given a fair shake. It’s a top-down brawler and it’s not necessarily going to set the world on fire but it’s more than competent and I don’t necessarily think that it was treated as fairly as it could have been in reviews.

People really do like it is, it the best Kirby game or even the best Kirby fighting game. I don’t know but it does offer a lot of modes of play and they are actually worthwhile to play the multiplayer where you can play local or online is kind of the reason, the game exists.

I think because that is actually a hell of a lot of fun. It came out back in January and hold the 3rd position in 3DS Games List. I’d say it’s worth at least looking at I thought it was a lot of fun.

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2. Detective Pikachu Birth of a New Team

Release Date:  03/23

Detective Pikachu Birth of a New Team in 3DS Games of 2018 List

Detective Pikachu which is an adventure game that you play as a kid and work with a Pikachu that has an oddly deep voice.

Who solves mysteries and calls himself a detective, the game doesn’t really play a lot different from other detective games. But it leans really into the charm and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it actually just came out this month and if you’re looking for something interesting and fun.

I love detective games, this is probably a good one to look at unless you hate Pokemon in which case I would avoid it like the plague but there’s not a lot of people like that and finally. Detective Pikachu Birth of a New Team holds the 2nd place in 3DS Games 2018 List.

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1. Shovel Knight King of Cards – Q1 2018

Release Date:  Q1 2018

Shovel Knight King of Cards in 3DS Games of 2018 List

Shovel Knight King of Cards, king of cards is basically another campaign for Shovel Knight. If you already own Shovel Knight Treasure Trove, this is available for free to you and if you’re in any way familiar with the Shovel Knight franchise.

You know what you’re getting but you’re getting thirty new stages divided into four worlds. There’s no way you could ever get me to say, hey I don’t really want any more Shovel Knight, no I’ll take more Shovel Knight at any time.

It’s a fantastic platformer that reminds me of a lot of great games from the past well adding its own spin and brilliant level design. We don’t have a date for it yet but it shouldn’t be that long and it’s more Shovel Knight. Bring the Shovel Knight which 3DS game are you looking for in 2018.

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