Top 10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

2018 is full of many awesome game titles including some most anticipated Horror Games. There are top 10 upcoming horror games of 2018 that will put a big smile on horror games lovers. Check out the full list of upcoming horror games of 2018 below.

10 Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

10. Moons of Madness (PC, PS4, Xbox One | TBA 2018)

Horror Games of 2018 List Moons of Madness

Let’s start with Moons of Madness, the 10th place in horror games list, which intends to be an exploration of mental health as well as a somewhat Lovecraft inspired sci-fi horror experience. You assume the role of an astronaut on Mars who ends up having their perception of reality bent through hallucination.

Now as a few other games have done recently they’ve also shown exactly what they’re doing to try not to treat mental illness in a way. That degrades from what’s going on but rather attempts to inspire empathy within the player and also doesn’t work to antagonize mental illness sufferers.

It plays with some conventions in an interesting aesthetic way, for instance, projecting the very minimalist Hut onto the bottom of your helmet sort of incorporating it into the game world in. Which you’ll be solving environmental puzzles and exploring the environment and has a pretty distinct visual look that like I said does call some Lovecraft into it.

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9. The Impatient (PS4 | TBA 2018)

The Impatient in Horror Games of 2018 List

The Impatient supposed to be in horror games list as for much a survival horror VR game which is actually a prequel to dawn which if you remember was actually a pretty damn good game but it’s not one that leads to the events of the first game it actually says 60 years prior to it and you’re going to have to figure out who you are exactly.

It takes place in Blackwood sanatorium which if you remember from the first game and I am going to drop a spoiler here was a place where miners were held and even experimented on while they transformed into Wendy goes which are the monsters of the game.

This game is most likely pertaining to that as it takes place in that time period specifically near the end of it if you catch my meaning and well you can probably put the pieces together and understand what’s gonna happen in this game.

It looks to be one of those things that expands the lore and assists in the world building plus it’s probably about people turning into monsters which is always scary.

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8. The Sinking City (PC | TBA 2018)

The Sinking City in Horror Games of 2018 List

The Sinking city an investigative open-world game that looks entirely unique in that and holds the eighth place in upcoming horror games of 2018.

It takes place in Oakmont Massachusetts amidst floods that could only be supernatural. You’re obviously working on figuring out what’s going on there and, in the meantime, seeing heavy downpour dealing with flooded streets and otherwise taking in a world inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.

Now the developer Frogwares has also been working on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series for quite a while and have developed a pretty successful detective formula so I’m rather expecting this to turn out pretty well.

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7. Ad Infinitum (PC, PS4, Xbox One | TBA 2018)

Ad Infinitum in Horror Games of 2018

Ad Infinitum which is a pretty unique looking World War one Horrigan where previous takes to put a world war or any kind of war game into the horror games genre have mainly been shooters.

You get your Zombie versions of things and so to speak this looks more along the lines of an outlast type game.

You’re in the trenches and the scariest possible conditions obviously rain and nighttime etc and there’s this big demon looking monster with long claw fingers stalking you.

You have to run away now this does not sound like a military shooter in the least which is to say it may have a lot more potential than other horror styled world war 1 or 2 or any war shooters.

As a horror game, a shooter isn’t always actually really scary; you have a gun and can do something whereas the outlast style run hide don’t die version of a game set in the trenches of World War 1, honestly that’s very intriguing.

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6. Call of Cthulhu (PC, PS4, Xbox One | TBA 2018)

Call of Cthulhu in Horror Games of 2018 List

Call of Cthulhu which is directly inspired by the story the Call of Cthulhu and this was originally going to be the game that turned into the sinking city.

The Call of Cthulhu will obviously not just be inspired by. It’ll follow the actual story a little bit closer but it will also be somewhat of an open-world investigative game again taking place in the town in Massachusetts as a detective investigates the deaths of a family and discovers the fact that Cthulhu is about to be revived in horror games list.

Honestly, I’m fairly stoked that there’s more than one game like this and I’m also excited that there are two games that are kind of trying to do the same thing but will likely diverge really far from each other so I’m pretty interested to see where this one goes as well.

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5. Overkill’s The Walking Dead (PC, PS4, Xbox One | TBA 2018)

Horror Games of 2018 Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is one of the best in horror games list, which is a co-op for player FPS game which immediately sounds a little bit like Left 4 Dead but you have to keep in mind it’s developed by Overkill, the creators of Payday.

So, it’s probably fairer to expect an easy comparison between walking dead and a payday title it looks interesting because there’s gonna be skilled trees specific special abilities for each of the four characters and an emphasis on teamwork.

I think it looks particularly cool because it takes place in Washington DC where all of these characters had lives ahead of time and we see the actual effects of the capital of the nation falling to the dead.

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4. Days Gone (PS4 | TBA 2018)

Days Gone a Horror Games of PS4

Days Gone, a third-person shooter in which you play sort of a vagabond a drifter a former bounty hunter. Who is constantly on the move this game promises to have some truly wild moments the horde mechanics that they put on display.

When showing the game off have just shown off something totally different from basically any other zombie game we’ve ever seen the game looks like it’s basically designed to be an anxiety simulator with endless hordes of enemies flying your way and no apparent path to you know get the hell out.

It also promises a pretty wide variety of gameplay including stealth segments in which you actually aren’t trying to run away from a massive horde of zombies but you can also attempt to weaponize those swarms causing distractions killing your enemies and generally this very well could be quite the Sandbox type game but it seems as though it also has a narrative and a pretty rich world to take part in. well, Days Gone should be in first place in this horror games list but not quite a much horror.

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3. State of Decay 2 (PC, Xbox One | TBA 2018)

State of Decay 2 in Horror Games of 2018

State of Decay 2, which is a zombie survival game much closer to probably what we know is the traditional style of these games horror games. Because it is the sequel to one of the forerunners of that genre State of Decay but this game does a little bit more in intending to highlight co-op gameplay and sort of foster a sense of community between players on top of that just otherwise looks significantly better than the original State of Decay. Also seems as though it may live up to the potential of the original game giving them much more alive feeling world from the sounds of it.

2. Scorn (PC | TBA 2018)

Scorn a Horror Games of 2018

Scorn is on second place in horror games list of 2018, what I’m gonna call an environmental lore first-person shooter in which you’re basically dropped into a totally horrific world. The world where everything appears to be alive even your gun and everything appears to possibly be big.

No organic structure its intended to be both nonlinear and totally surreal and you’re not supposed to get it at least not up front. You’re going to be searching for what on earth is going on solving puzzles in every different location of the game.

Also, some ways kind of reminds me of the old prey but maybe with a little bit better gameplay in a lot of ways it reminds me of the sort of 90s tool aesthetic if that makes any sense talking about the band. You know a lot of grindy techno-organic shooters from that era but this looks like it may contain some degree of depth so hopefully, the open-ended nature of it is a strength rather than a weakness.

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1. Agony (PC, PS4, Xbox One | March 30, 2018)

Agony an Upcoming Horror Games of 2018

Agony a game that takes place in hell you are a soul who will be surviving the torment exercise and control over other Souls and even possessing some demons.

It’s really a game that is taking what it is seriously from what we’ve seen and is one of those games that answers the question what if somebody put a game in hell. They’ve kept this game fairly wrapped up in secrecy so it will be interesting to see exactly how it plays out.

Well, my personal favorite is Agony in horror games of 2018, what’s your favorite, comment below.

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