Top 8 PS4 Exclusives, You Need to Play in 2018

Here are the top 8 PS4 Exclusives you must play in 2018. There are many video games stated to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4 Exclusives.

Top 8 PS4 Exclusives, You Need to Play in 2018

Top 8 PS4 Exclusives of 2018

8. Days Gone (Early 2018)

I’m personally unbelievably hyped for Days Gone originally penciled in for a Christmas release. This one completely vanished from sight for a while but the glimpses. We’ve seen have shown what the magnitude of the zombie apocalypse has risen to the sheer number of free-cos on screen at once is simply mesmerizing. And I get it our job is to fill the boots of outlaw-biker Deacon St. John who’s a bit of a drifter and a nomad. He’s also a bounty hunter – in this new world a global pandemic has brought about these mindless zombie-like creatures referred to as more freak’s. Who would be best described as degenerated human monsters? Days Gone is ultimately an action-adventure survival horror game with RPG elements with a day/night cycle and weather system. Which impacts deacons approach to each mission this could add to the replay value of the game and a sense of planning many open world titles failed to achieve. I’ll link a video Breaking Down 2 ways to approach the same mission for a little more context DayZ gun is quite reminiscent of The Last of Us with scavenging and crafting different items. Like a Molotov and there’s plenty of guns to go around – and of course my favorite thing are those environmental kill animations days gone is coming in 2018.

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7. Death Stranding (2018-2020)

Once there was an explosion a bang which set a planet spinning in this face. Death Stranding is an upcoming game from Metal Gear Solid Master Mind Hideo Kojima. You’ve most probably seen some of the star-studded cast with the likes of The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus film director Guillermo del Toro and multi-talented actor extraordinaire Mads Mikkelsen. Death Stranding itself is still a complete mystery to many of us with every trailer release the story looks even more complex than it did before even Mads Mikkelsen struggled to understand the story. When Kojima explained it to him so what do we know so far we know the game will be opened world and include a multiplayer feature in addition to the core single-player campaign. Which of course will be lengthy so far we’ve seen what looks like human experimentation in the shape of babies in jars. Some people believe the babies are clones of the person holding them and will mature when the adult dies this also could be the game of a mechanic. With each death leading to a new life also these babies look like some kind of portal between dimensions. But we’ll break down everything we know about death stranding in a video coming soon until then let me know your thoughts on deaths trending and if you’re intrigued to plate. I personally don’t believe deaths grounding will hit its deadline of 2018 more realistically I think 2019 or maybe even 2020 let’s hope I’m the wrong color.

6. Shenmue 3 (TBC 2018)

Any Dreamcast players in the house did you ever get your hands on Shenmue growing up. If you’re new to it Shenmue was one of the first and genre-defining open-world adventure games in history. It defined the QuickTime event and took role-playing to another level as an example there was an orphan kitten. You could leave to die on the roadside or you could take care of them in pretty much the same way. You would a real cat Shenmue had an exceptional core story running through both titles in the series. But then it vanished luckily it’s coming back as Shenmue 3 picking up the story of Ryo Hazuki. Sorry if I butchered that name there and his search for his father’s killer. It’s been 16 years since we saw Shenmue 2 and thanks to crowdfunding it’s time for a new generation to finally have closure on the story. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old Dreamcast one more time and venture into 1980s China Shenmue 3 will be a console exclusive but he will also be released on Windows PC to PlayStation.

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5. God of War (Early 2018)

Have many titles spanning numerous console generations one, in particular, has had a soft reboot to adapt to modern gameplay mechanics God of War. It’s been 12 years since we first took control of Kratos but this time he’s bringing along his son in this third-person action-adventure title. The game will pick up after the events of God of War 3 and sees a much older Kratos with a damn sexy beard. I might add who has lost his double-chained blades and now possesses a mythical battle ax. Which can be infused with elemental abilities if you like a little mythology in your video games. Then God of War is for you but this time Kratos has left behind the Greek gods and now lives in the realm of Norse myth. So if you don’t know your Zeus from your Odin then God of War will teach you the voice acting and dialogue sound amazing and begin to show. The nurturing side of Kratos as he teaches his son to hunt as I’m sure you expect this is a single-player outing. Which will last the average gamer around 25 to 30 hours with a balance of character development and monster slaying away from home?

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4. Shadow of Colossus (Early 2018)

Let’s stick to the realms of nostalgia for our next PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus unless you were around during the PS2 generation. This one may have missed your attention but I can vouch for its brilliance and you’ll regularly find it on many players. Top 10 games of all time it’s so good it’s getting an HD upgrade the premise is pretty simple it focuses around wander a young warrior. Who travels to a forbidden land but why is he venturing so far away from home to save a girl, of course, she has mono. No she doesn’t she’s called mono hmm that would be a very different game the only way to save the girl of your dreams is to take down 16 humongous monsters known as the Colossus. Shadow of the Colossus is ultimately a puzzle game with the only enemies you actually fight the colossi themselves. The views the vistas the spectacle of the beasts are an absolute joy to see and the twists in the narrative are jaw-dropping to experience. If you didn’t play the original do yourself a favor don’t file this one for yourself avoid the internet until you’ve finished it.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Let’s take a look at the much-anticipated Spider-Man, another open-world extravaganza set in New York. Thankfully this will not be yet another retelling of Peter Parker gaining his powers. I don’t know about you but I cannot watch Uncle Ben die again. It rips me to pieces mo this one will take place around eight years after Peter discovered his powers and his alter-ego and is completely unrelated to the film. Universe allowing the video game Spider-Man to venture into new stories and battle modern enemies the kingpin will still be around for traditional Spidey fans alongside other customary villains. But the main antagonist of this one will be Mr. negative, he’s kind of like a modern version of dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde but with over-the-top abilities the Barco elements keep this game feeling fresh and vertical in a way. That Assassin’s Creed can only dream of and the combat is reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games. So if fantasy or comic book games float your boat keep an eye out for Marvel Spiderman due out in 2018 and I’m sure you super Spidey fans have already noticed miles.

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2. Detroit: Become Human

Have you ever played a David cage game Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, he specializes in film noir sequel multi-stranded and multi choice storytelling? His latest game Detroit Become Human is another PS4 Exclusives set for release in the first half of 2018. In this interactive story, you take control of androids who are sentient and operate in the real world as almost second-class citizens or slaves. To be more dramatic the brilliance of this type of game is the branching system each decision you make impacts future events. And something as Story ending as a character dying wouldn’t trigger a game over the screen instead the story continues and the impact of that dead character continues to affect the story hours later to show the sheer magnitude of the branching system. Check out all the permutations of a hostage situation atop of a skyscraper of all places Detroit Become Human isn’t shying away from approaching unpleasant subjects either with domestic violence and even child abuse depicted in a recent trailer. The whole game is effectively a neo noir film so expect a great deal of heartache and sadness to be experienced.

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1. The Last of Us Part 2

Finally, The Last of Us Part 2, I’m personally not convinced this is coming out in 2018 but the official word says it is. So I’ll include it here the original Last of Us was the defining title of the PS3. The storytelling and the character development were beyond brilliant and the mechanics made us all feel for Joel and Ellie in their attempt to survive. We’ve waited patiently for Part 2 and now it’s almost here the story hasn’t officially been revealed. But we’ve gleaned a few bits of information from the cast and directors we know that the Last of Us part 2. We’ll focus on hate and vengeance this can be backed up with the visuals we’ve seen so far. They’re quite shocked to see with arms being broken dead bodies lying around covered in blood and some scenes of torture. The scavenging crafting and gunplay mechanics from the original Last of Us will be returning but the question about the main characters are unanswered. Will we be filling the boots of Joel and Ellie some people believe Joel has already died by the time this game begins? Time will tell I suppose in the meantime we can listen to Ellie’s skills on the guitar so there we have it 9 PlayStation exclusive video games coming in 2018.

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